Friday, July 20, 2018

Few Misconceptions about Epoxy Coating Systems

There are various myths related to Epoxy Flooring. It is essential to carefully analyse them so as to get rid of them.
  • Generally, garages are not meant to be cosmetically appealing. But the look and feel of Epoxy coating is one that brings the normally boring garage area into an entirely new light. Designer colors of such coatings are available to provide a plethora of choices to match a homeowner’s needs. Contrasting wall colors can even accent the floor’s impact on the overall beauty of a basement or garage setting.
  • Another myth is that such flooring is too slippery. Traction is a higher priority, especially in garages. The functionality of the polymer flake used in these coating systems is the key. The surface created by the layering of these materials provides a peel like surface. This further allows for sufficient friction. These are much more slip-resistant than the bare concrete.
  • It takes too much work for installation is another myth. The installation of garage floor coating takes one or two days and you can walk on the floor the following day. Thus, it is a quick and inexpensive option. 
Epoxy Coating Systems

But the application of floor coating may be a challenging job. So, the help of a garage epoxy flooring professional in Chandler would be reasonable and therefore, recommended.

An epoxy flooring contractor in Phoenix will work with you to determine what specific needs you have for the floor coating and provide you with the effective results.

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